A7S. New camera - new possibilities!

A7S. New camera - new possibilities!

We are happy to announce that  we had a planned equipment renewal. This time it's not some insignificant reequipment, that makes our work easier or improves the quality of video. It's a brand new full frame camera Sony A7s

IMG 2706 HDR

This camera is absolutely amazing!  It's maximum ISO reaches 400 000! (opposed to 3200 ISO of our previous camera). And the camera can record a real 4K video to a portable recorder. (don't even compare it with strethed and blurred 4K from GoPro 4 camera). I can talk about all those impressive characteristics of Sony A7s for hours, but I'm afraid you'll get bored. So if you're interested in numbers and parameters, you can click on this link to Sony website:

IMG 2709 HDR

A great lens for a great camera

We couldn't keep our old Canon lenses, of course. It is possible to  use them with the help of lens adaptor, which we actually bought too. But the quality of the footage we got with their help is not impressive. It's stupid to invest in a supersharp camera and blur the image with a weak lens.
IMG 2712 HDR

The optimal desicion was to buy a zoom lens Zeiss 24-70 F4, which is a great full frame lens that can be wide enough for interiors and at the same time perform well in a portrait shoot. You can read more on the manufacturer website.

But it's not so simple

Sony A7s has the ability to shoot video in slog2 picture profile. Simply speaking it makes a very flat and grey image that can be transformed in post-production into something as beatiful as actual movies. And it fits into a backpack! Impressive, isn't it?

IMG 2730 HDR

But grading that slog2 footage appeared to be quite hard. I felt that my color grading skills is outdated. I have to learn everything all over again for hours on end.

I think pretty soon everything will come back to its place and I will please you with an  excellent detailed footage with correct color reproduction.

Our equipment


King of low light

Sony a7s & carl zeiss 24-70

Filming at night by candlelight? Easy! Ultra-high sensitivity up to 409600 ISO allows to catch even the weakest light source and get good results! The camera is equipped with Carl Zeiss 24-70 Lens. It gives great sharp image and details without artefacts.
We use S-Log2 gamma curve to record our videos. That and high quality polarizing filters give us great raw footage ready for post-processing.




No more static shots

Edelkrone slider plus

Long time ago video consisted of boring static shots for the most part, but everything changed with creation of camera sliders. Besides creative use of this tool, using sliders in video also allows us to hold the viewer's attention to a shot that would have been static before.

button play Watch short demo




Smooth moving shots

Came-tv Argo

Nobody likes shaky shots, and it's especially unacceptable in promotional videos. Now 3-axis camera gimbal allows us to film while running, riding a motorbike or a car. The most long and smooth shots is not a problem for your video now! You can see how it all works in our short demo.

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Breathtaking aerial shots

dji phantom 3

Even the most interesting and beautiful video can be better if you add at least a little bit of aerial footage. Using DJI Phantom allows to film perfect establishing shots, show an epic location from the air or show a builiding and its territory from an interesting angle.

button play Comming soon




More color... even more color!

post production

On Post-production stage we do color grading for the S-Log 2 profile bringing back all the colors, then retouch details, add sounds and effects. Colors of sky and greenery are carefully picked and adjusted for every video. The best way to see the result of post-processing is to watch our demo.

button play Watch short demo




Led light panels, Go Pro 4...

...and a lot of staff for any occasion!

We also have lots of basic equipment (both old and new) for every situation.
Want to film beautiful corals in your location in 4K? Not a problem - we have GoPRO 4 Black Ed. for that!
Some scene is too dark and cold? We have led light panels with control of brightness and light temperature.
There's almost no task that we cannot do with our equipment!

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